Choosing Fireworks Tornado Ltd, you choose a way of behaving. Demonstrate style and elegance! Trust in a class where you can feel safe and secure, and at the same time receive personalized personal service carefully tailored for you!

Advantage on collateral.
We have the potential to ensure your pyrotechnic show. We work with our own design and pyrotechnics team.
We have specialized transportation for explosives - ADR.
We provide state-of-the-art professional equipment that includes remote control, centralized blasting management installations and more.

Administrative advantage.
We have a national license to conduct special blasting works in the settlement. All blasting designers, supervisors and pyrotechnics are provided with appropriate qualifications for blasting personnel.

Advantage in pricing.
The direct import of pyrotechnics from Asia and Europe provides us with extremely competitive prices. This way we protect and care for the financial health of our partners and clients.

An advantage when registering on our site.
Registration on our site gives you access to the Tornado Store electronic counter. On-site delivery at an address you specified and a discount club club card. Once you have become familiar with the terms of use of the site, and in case you agree with them, you receive news and other useful information for you in your e-mail. When paying for items from the Tornado Product Catalog, you have a bank elec- tronic POS terminal at your disposal. Last but not least, dynamic audio and video links, in real time with our sales consultants. And all this without waiting and without traveling. On the contrary.
We create a model of a world in which we would like to live and we will be happy to join us! Come in!