Terms of delivery for Fireworks Tornado

Delivery terms

The delivery of ordered goods is made within 5 working days:

in case of a cash payment - from the date following the date of the order on Fireworks Tornado's site;
for payment by "bank transfer", "payment by bank card" or through "PayPal.com" - as of the date following the date of receipt of the amount;
In the case of an order made on Friday after 2 pm, on Saturdays and Sundays, as well as on official weekends, the order is processed on the first business day and the delivery time under par. 2 begins to run from that day.

Fireworks Tornado reserves the right to extend the given delivery times by up to 7 days without informing the consumer in advance and to extend the deadlines by more than 7 days with the user's prior approval.

Delivery of the ordered goods is performed with an authorized transport of Fireworks Tornado.

Delivery prices

  • for the territory of Sofia:

Express delivery - within 24 hours - 20lv.
Ordinary delivery - within 48 hours. - up to 150.00 leva - 10.00 leva
Ordinary delivery - within 48 hours. - over 150.00 BGN - free of charge

  • for the country:

Delivery prices are determined by the following scheme:
up to 200 km from Sofia - 20.00 lv.
up to 400 km from Sofia - 40.00 lv.
over 400 km from Sofia - 60.00 lv.

Fireworks Tornado can change the prices of the goods at any time, except for a previously made and confirmed order until its execution. The prices of the goods are in Bulgarian Lev (BGN) and incl. VAT. 

According to Art. 48, para. 2 of the LABIS: 

It is prohibited:

1. the sale of fireworks of category 1 to persons under 12 years of age, category 2 - to persons under 16 years of age and category 3 to persons under 18 years of age;

2. trade in visibly damaged pyrotechnic articles or in the smallest standard production packaging;

3. the sale and sale of projectile ammunition under Art. 6, para. 5.

and Art. 53. of the LABIS:

No authorization is required for the acquisition, storage and use of Category 2 fireworks - up to 5 kg of gross weight, and of category 3 - up to 10 single pieces.