Conduct of Fireworks Show

Professional pyrotechnic show with pyrotechnicians
You can order a professional pyrotechnic display in a studio, specialized in the conduct of blasting operations in a populated area. For this purpose, the company you turn to must have a permit to use pyrotechnics (a license) issued by the Ministry of Interior - GDOP, and must also have a qualified licensed personnel, specialized in blasting operations
You ensure the use of professional pyrotechnics for your event. Safety and proper execution of blasting operations are guaranteed. You get a professional and comprehensive service from the time of your inquiry to full completion of the contract.
You may not light the fireworks yourself.
Individuals or companies that are not licensed for the conduct of blasting operations are not allowed to use professional pyrotechnics. In case that you consider this a disadvantage, you can choose from the following options that we offer.

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What does the service of the pyrotechnic company include?

As a customer of Fireworks Tornado, you have at your disposal a set of services and procedures in the following sequence:
Presentation - sending of a presentational package or an e-mail.
Meeting – at a convenient place for you. In our office, the address of the conduct or at your office.
View of the place – getting to know the venue and its surroundings and risk assessment. Getting to know the position of guests, audience.
Offer - preparing and submitting a tender following an assignment or your specific requirements.
Draft contract - after this follows review and approval by the sponsor. Opportunity to comment or correction
Assignment Contract – follows signing and billing an advance payment
Special blasting operations project- Preparation and validation of the blasting operations project.
Documents for authorization - preparation and presentation before the different authorities, depositing state fees.
Getting a permit - issued by the Office of the Police Department after presenting perfect documentation.
Transporting of explosives - performed with  authorization documents and specialist ADR transport and security.
Explosive area - encirclement of separate and secure explosive area with ensured posts for rescue
Preparation and assembly of the pyrotechnic propulsions.
Building an electro-blasting network - inspection and measurement.
Conduct of Blasting operations - literally conducting the fireworks show.
Utilizing the waste product.